Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 Small Movements Help Relieve Back Pain

Sedentary can affect the digestive function and pressure the internal organs. In addition, it easily lead to back pain, fatigue. Here are 4 small waist movements that will help reduce the strain on your back and reduce the pain symptoms.

Movement #1
Try to relax your shoulders, twisting to reduce feelings of stress of the shoulders and lower back. This will help reduce the common back pain fatigue.

Movement #2
This simple action can help relax the hips and lower back. You can do this movement anywhere. At the same time, straighten the spine, relax your shoulders, reaching half the front to the outside. This movement is as same as the stretching movement.

Movement #3
This position will relax the lower back, and can also help stretch the ligaments. This action will make you feel very comfortable, especially after you have sat immobilized in a long time.

Movement #4
The yoga lessons are like doing this movement. This action helps you feel comfortable, because when you bend your body bent forward, along with stretching the lower back, your whole body will be relaxed.

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